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Idea starters for your vision board

Vision board

A good first step to bringing to life the things you want or the experiences you desire is to visualize them in your mind’s eye. To help you do this, creating a digital or poster Vision Board of these things brings you steps closer to the reality of possessing that thing and enriching your life. You don’t have to wait until December or January to create a Vision Board. You can start right now and make one as often as you choose. It all depends on your level of commitment and motivation to the work of creating the life you want.

Digitally, you can create a Vision Board in Pinterest, Canva, or other computer software and arrange the items in a way that will encourage you to reference the board often. If you are not computer savvy, purchase a large poster board and use glue sticks, magazine clippings, and other craft items to make a Vision Board by hand. Etsy sells clippings to make this easy for you. Google for examples, too.

Arranging your items into categories can jumpstart your project. When encouraging others to get started on their board, I suggest they go Back-to-Basics to get their houses in order. This is how I reset myself to pay attention to what’s really important. So often life pulls us in a lot of directions. The Back-to-Basics approach is an effective way to begin.

Carefully consider what success in each of these six areas looks like for you. Then, select graphics, magazine clippings, and photographs that represent each one.

  • Financial - Success in this area could look like a new apartment or home. How about money in the bank represented by a bank statement with a large sum? Maybe a new job or starting a business will accelerate the financial success you desire. A luxurious vacation overseas may mark financial success for you. The choice is yours! Pick photos that motivate you to improve your financial status in life.

  • Family - Graphics representing your idea of a happy family life fit this category. Maybe planning a family reunion, getting married, having children, visiting grandparents or younger relatives can graphically display your goals and ideals concerning family.

  • Relationships - Positive connection with friends, colleagues, or community groups may be important to you. Think about what images can depict what success looks like for you in this area.

  • Emotional - Enjoying everyday life is important and emotional stability helps achieve this. If you are challenged in this area, pictures of happy people, cute pets, or other imagery that puts your emotions in a serene, pleasant place would be great for a Vision Board. Warm or cool colors, landscapes of summer scenes or wintery snow-covered mountains may encourage a deep breath and sigh of ahhhhh! as you view these images on your board throughout the year.

  • Physical - Making sure the bodies we live in are in good condition is vital for so many reasons. Think about adding photos that represent wellness and healthfulness. Want to run a 5k, buy a new exercise bike, or take up hiking? Add those graphics to your collection. Maybe a picture of a relaxing spa is your ideal of the ultimate physical respite. Whichever you choose, be creative and carefully think through what being in good physical shape means to you. Then, use your Vision Board to remind yourself of what that looks like.

  • Spiritual - For many people, a spiritual practice makes the difference between a calm or chaotic life. Consider adding an inspirational quote from your holy book or favorite author to your board. Meditation is a proven spiritual connector so think about adding a photo of someone meditating, praying, or singing in a church. Seeing these images will speak to you on the inside each time you look at your Vision Board. Those graphic reminders have the ability to keep you focused on the vision for your life for each day, each month, and throughout the year!

Here are a few other ideas you can use to create your Vision Board.

  • Consider choosing a single word to theme your year.

  • If creating a paper board, plan your board before cutting and pasting.

  • For financial goals, don’t hesitate to use a dollar figure.

  • Doodle or draw-in details on your cuttings. Sharpies™ bleed through paper.

  • Prepare to display your board where you will see it everyday. Review it daily.

  • Save your digital Vision Board as a screensaver on your mobile phone and computer screen.

Other formats for Vision Boards include:

  • Portable Vision Board as an accordion-fold book, like this one from Amazon

  • Goal-specific Vision Boards made specifically for one goal, like writing a book or going to college

  • A cork bulletin board using push pins to attach clippings of images and words to the board

  • An inspiration space in your home or office where images and words are framed or taped to a wall

  • Index cards bearing images that are hung on a string with clothespins

  • A small Vision Board in your planner or calendar

  • Create an art journal as a Vision Board. Pinterest has tons of ideas

We’d love to see pictures of your Vision Boards. Take a photo and send it to with your headshot and we’ll feature it in an upcoming blog.

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