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About Lauren

Make others successful or build my own success?

Right out of college I landed great job opportunities. From there, they kept coming. From alumni affairs, to public relations, real estate, project management and more, my career path was an exciting zig-zag of intriguing work that paved the way for what I know today.


Even so, I found myself overworked, overwhelmed, and even undervalued. 


(I’m exhausted just remembering it all!)

Before side-hustles were called side-hustles I had one … or a few.


First it was crafting, then resume writing. Soon, I added press releases and brochures, then did some public speaking, too. Before I knew it, I was planning events - large and small. Having a “Lauren Nance-kinda” workshop or conference became a popular local thing. 


I studied, read books, and did research to learn more about business and what makes it go.


Soon, I took on projects with more intense content, like executive training (though I was nowhere near being an executive) and added more side-gigs on my plate. 


And I did all this while working a 9 to 5 AND volunteering!

Something HAD to change.
Lauren Nance in her college yearbook
I found myself successfully building empires for others while mine had maybe a block or two. 

I had wrapped myself around the visions and ideas of everybody and their momma to make them come to life, but I was stuck.


I wanted and needed “a Lauren” in my life who would help me fulfill my dreams.


At my last work gig, I learned all I could about how conferences and events are curated from a certified professional’s perspective.


I immersed myself in understanding how the event impacted the bottom line of the members (clients) for whom these events were planned. Content planning, exhibition and supplier management, marketing and promotion, decor, fundraising, online registration, travel, and more prepared me for what was to come.


Equipped and ready, it was time to build my own success.

When I launched my business full-time, I immediately became an online course junkie. Business gurus hawking their SEO, course creation, copywriting, and more filled my inbox with promises of success if I followed their formula.


These courses laid a great foundation and gave me confidence for what I now do and can do for you.

Lauren Nance speaking at a live event
Splattered Paint

Together we can:

Create and develop your passion project using my signature step-by-step framework

Develop the assets you need to draw customers to your business

Plan, program, and execute impactful live + online events to reach your target audience

I want you to experience the joy of building your own success. The transformative part of this is that you don’t have to do it alone. I got you!
Whaddaya say?

 Let's go!

Woman at work planning

Maybe you're daydreaming about:

  • What kind of business should I start?

  • How am I going to finish that passion project I started years ago?

  • Or, what will it take to host an event that pops and is profitable?

Well, wake up! 

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.


When you and I work together, you’ll have the support you need to finish what you start, finish it with excellence, and give your audience what they need at a high-level. 


I have worked this process for decades and can do the same with you. Whether you are an artist, comedian, musician, author, nonprofit, CEO, professional association, church, or minister, I can help you bring your daydream into reality.


Family, there’s no need to wait, wonder, and go back-and-forth about your business project. Let’s dive in now. I’m here to back you up. 

Ready to take the next step? LET’S GO!

Splattered Paint
Dale Mallett of Dale Mallett Studio

“Sometimes I just can’t put my thoughts and ideas into words. Lauren knows how to ask the right questions that enable us to transform my thoughts into achievable action plans.”


Working with Lauren has let me to focus more on creating art rather than worry so much about the business side of my studio.


No matter how lofty my goals, Lauren is always my biggest cheerleader and gets us there!


In the short time I’ve worked with Lauren and her team, my social media following has doubled, my sales have tripled and I am achieving the success that I only daydreamed about.


When I write and send Lauren a draft, she works her magic and turns that draft into a masterpiece!


Lauren pulled out of me more potential than I ever thought I had. She helped me realize that I already have extensive knowledge and skills I can use right now to grow my business.”

Pencils and keyboard on a desk

Lauren has organized meetings 6 countries and 23 U.S. cities during the past 10 years.



Anaheim, CA

Atlanta, GA

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

Charleston, SC

Chicago, IL

Hartford, CT

Houston, TX

Minneapolis, MN

Newark, NJ

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Norfolk, VA

Oakland, CA

Orlando, FL

Pittsburgh, PA

Seattle, WA

Idaho Springs, CO

Phoenix, AZ

San Diego, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

San Antonio, TX

Washington, DC








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