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Content Development

We write carefully crafted digital and printed content that sound like you and represent your brand in a language your audience can understand. Writing projects could include items like ebooks, presentation slide decks, email sequences and social media posts, devotionals, manuals, biographies, backgrounders, and even obituaries.

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Lauren Nance speaking at an event


Can I be honest?

(I hear you saying, Sure!)


You know that getting help with your business projects has been on your mind for a while. I just want to give you a reality check and be straight with you... 


Your passion project won’t get done by itself.


Magical fairies won’t finish those writing projects overnight.


And your live or virtual event will not plan itself.


As a solopreneur, business owner, or nonprofit leader, my services and products can help you get your project across the finish line.


No more waiting. No procrastinating. It’s time to get your big business ideas in motion.


Let’s do this  - together! #WeAllWin

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Passion Project Management

The genius of NanceComm is found in helping you with projects fueled by your passion. So many people work on these projects in their spare time. That "thing" you’ve wanted to do all your life deserves to be center stage. We help you finish! Together, let’s complete those business start-up documents, launch that new product or service, or build that live event you’ve only been dreaming about. Trust us with your vision. We’ll wrap ourselves around it and get it across the finish line to rounds of applause from your audience.

Content Development
Passion Project Management

Live + Online Conferences & Events

Whether your target audience numbers five, 5,000, or more, they need to hear, see, and experience what you have to offer. Strategic event management is a high form of connection you can use to accomplish this. Let us handle details, such as registration, content development, sponsors, exhibits, and venue sourcing. This way you get to focus on the core of your business - bringing your vision to life!

Event and conference planning
Live and Online Events

What NanceComm can do for you!

Dr. Nicole B Simpson, Harvest Wealth Financial

“The work Lauren does as a business plan specialist is exceptional. It’s not just her attention to detail that defines her ‘Wow Factor’ but the fact that she verified my financial projections, ensured my statistics were up to date and still relevant to the project was EVERYTHING to me!. That personal touch sealed the deal for me. I will always utilize her services for my varied projects.”

Rev. Dr. Nicole B. Simpson, CFP


Harvest Wealth Financial

Provost, Dare 2 Dream Academy

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