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Teena Marie Square Biz vinyl

Square Biz 

News You Can Use for Your Business

Remember Teena Marie’s 1980s song, Square Biz? Well, back in the day when my big brother was a DJ, I used to sneak into his room and spin my favorite records. This song was the very first one I learned to cut and scratch. Eventually, he busted me messin’ with his equipment. Instead of yelling at me, he was impressed with my technique and the rest is history for Passaic, New Jersey’s youngest female DJ.


If I had to make a connection between the song and this blog, the title is the only thing they share.


Square Biz shares from my business experiences and professional meeting planning journeys that have taken me halfway around the world.


Get writing and productivity tips, event planning strategy perspectives, project management hacks, and more so you have useful information you can put to work right now.

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